Aphoristic Madrigal (31-tone) Teaser/Enharmony-Study (Organ)

"Aphoristic Madrigal" for Organ and SATB soli (31-tone) Full

"Eclogue" for Symphony Ochestra

"...and while there he sighs..." (31-tone) Teaser (Organ)

"...and while there he sighs..." (31-tone) Full (Organ & Alto)

"...and while there he sighs..." (31-tone/Just-Intonation) Orchestra (Virtual) & Alto

"Meditation" in 19-tone equal temperament

"Prelude for orchestra"

"Prelude" for Piano

"Sospiri" for Piano

"Etude" for Piano

"3 Late-Romantic Songs" for Baritone and Piano

"12 Bagatelles" for Piano

"Second Prelude" for Piano

"Papillon – Brief Life and Death of a Butterfly" for piano

"Meditation" in 19-limit Natural Intonation (Electro-acoustic)

"3 Polyphonic Short Pieces" for piano

"Valsa Triste em Tons Terra" for Piano

"Fugue" for Brass Quintett